Public Relations Intern

Roots & DEX

Job Description

About the Company

ROOTS PR is an award-winning company with a vision – to deliver innovative communication ideas that build relationships and capture the public consciousness. As a network partner, ROOTS PR consists of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, including a dedicated branded content team to keep us ahead of the times. We work with our network partners to deliver effective reputation management campaigns that tell enduring brand stories.

We are looking for passionate Public Relations interns to join our team based in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. We want someone, who is full of creative ideas and eager to contribute on a large scale that possess great working and learning attitude. The interns will gain visibility into the inner workings and aspects of the public relations field, provide concrete deliverables and learn from top to bottom.

When the internship is completed, the interns will be ready to enter any fast-paced PR firm and strive to do things creatively and differently.

Job Description

  1. Fully support company’s PR strategy and execute it in different phases.
  2. Communicate and build relationships with media.
  3. Create and distribute press materials.
  4. Schedule, coordinate and attend various events.
  5. Perform research and market analysis activities.
  6. Create, analyse and update reports.
  7. Build and update media lists and databases.
  8. Assist in administrative duties.


  1. Strong desire to learn along with professional drive.
  2. Strong communication and written skills.
  3. Effective interpersonal skills and persuasive ability.
  4. Demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and is a team player.
  5. Excellent organisational and time management.
  6. Creative and flexible.

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