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Application ends: January 1, 2030
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Job Description

We are extremely proud of our interns. They are a driven and capable bunch of individuals who are part of our movement of change. From Day 1, interns can expect to work closely with team members on important and impactful projects. We develop our interns to shoulder real responsibilities and deliver meaningful outcomes for the organisation.

Interns can also expect to gain better insight into the non-profit and education sector, and have a clearer picture of their role in ending education inequity in Malaysia.
We are looking for someone who:

  • Shares our vision and mission and is aligned with our Core Values: Sense of Possibility, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity.
  • Possesses good leadership skills, portrayed by active involvement in extracurricular activities/ volunteerism or activities related to social causes
  • Has good communication skills
  • Can work independently & open to learning new things
  • Has solid written & verbal English proficiency
  • Can intern for a minimum of 8 weeks and above

As an intern, here are some benefits you will receive:

  1. A weekly check-in session to facilitate your professional & leadership growth
  2. An immersive learning environment, where interns are encouraged to incorporate their interests and personal mission into their job responsibilities
  3. Meeting a passionate group of like-minded staff and interns
  4. Possibility of flexible work arrangements, subject to approval
  5. Competitive monthly allowances: RM (graduates)

In addition to daily responsibilities, interns may be expected to occasionally assist with additional tasks. We strongly encourage interns to be proactive during their internship, and to take advantage of opportunities to learn through a variety of responsibilities.

Please refer to this list of available Functions for more information:

Please answer the following questions and submit it together with your CV (both as PDF files), and email it to 

  1. Why do you want to join Teach For Malaysia? What compels you to apply?
  2. What do you expect to gain from this internship? (e.g. skills, knowledge, example of exposure and experience)
  3. Indicate your earliest start and end dates/period you are available (if unsure at this point)
  4. Indicate your top 3 preferred Functions (please indicate if preferences are ranked in order)
  5. Indicate your current age as per birth date )

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