Student Secretariat (Management Trainee)

Graduates’ Choice Award
Remote Management Trainee

Job Description

This is a 6 to 9 months program that grooms young, talented, and driven individuals to become future leaders of GCA.

The successful candidates will be part of the organising team for Asia’s Most Authoritative Graduate Employer Branding Award, with the result 100% determined by the votes of university students nationwide.

We accept

✅ applicants from any field of studies
✅ applicants with CGPA 2.5 & above

And we prefer

✅ candidate who is actively involved in curricular activities
✅ candidates with internship, volunteering, or apprenticeship experiences

You will be experiencing

✅ lead generation
✅ business development
✅ business strategies
✅ project management
✅ team management
✅ project profit & loss
✅ market penetration
✅ negotiation skills
✅ stakeholders management
✅ time management

Our selection criteria

✅ Strong leadership skills
✅ Creative and able to think out of the box
✅ Possible and must-do mindset
✅ Think big, act small, and move fast


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