Lighting Artist

Fly Studio Sdn Bhd
Full Time

Job Description

At Fly, our Lighting and Look-Development Artists need to ensure that there is consistency in lighting, shading, colour balance, and mood between the various elements of a shot or scene. They generate CG that is multidiscipline, ranging from CG animation to photorealistic VFX renders, in which adding lighting, creates atmosphere, tone, and depth to a scene.



  • Eye for lighting detail.
  • Understand the basic concept of color and lighting with strong knowledge of Redshift, Arnold render.
  • Able to communicate clearly and work as a team to accomplish projects within deadlines.


The Lighting Artist will assist the Lighting and Look-Development Supervisor in the following:

  • Light and render CGI scenes.
  • Provide Lighting and LookDev insights as needed, such as suggesting more efficient methods of handling a certain task.
  • Able to handle shader development for CG assets.
  • Ensure shots meet render requirements.
  • Works closely with the FX Artists and Compositors to ensure all effects work smoothly within the pipeline.
  • Collaborate with departments concerned with lighting work.
  • Work closely with your Supervisor to communicate with the other departments to ensure all effects work smoothly within the pipeline.
  • To work alongside and guide junior staff when necessary.
  • Attend pre-production and presentation meetings as and when necessary.
  • To continuously strive to maintain a cordial working relationship with the Company’s clients and to do all that is required and necessary to protect and enhance the Company’s standing and profile in its industry.
  • To identify improvements needed and provide constructive input to the team to improve the operational workflow between and within the various departments.


Note: Local applications will be prioritised.

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