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At KL AVG Hustle, we understand the importance of both pricing & coverage needs. This is why we strive to deliver the best service that suits your insurance needs & affordability at every stage of life. We are partners of AIA group, the largest independent public listed Pan-Asia insurance provider company in the world.

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  • Medical Plan:Does your existing medical plan premium keep on increasing the price all over the years?.Worrying about the existing low medical coverage limit?Take charge of your medical plans now when you sign up for a FIXED PRICED COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL PLAN!
  • Life Protection:Life is beautiful and precious, we should share it with the person we love!Get your life protected with a HIGH SUM INSURED plan of up to 600% COVERAGE!
  • Wealth Creation:Is your savings plan rewarding you for having strong financial habits?Wanted to invest but not sure where to start?GET GUARANTEED RETURN up to 30% with selected investment plans now!NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING required!
  • Lady Plan:Being a lady is not easy and always comes with her own challenges.That’s why we come up with a COMPREHENSIVE FEMALE PLAN that meets your protection needs in every stage of life!Get paid with a TOTAL CASH REWARD up to 12%!

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