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Bank Islam is the FIRST Islamic bank in Malaysia and has the widest network of dedicated Islamic banking channels, with more than 144 branches throughout the country. We are founded to provide banking and financial solutions that are based on the principles of Shariah, which focus on balancing invidual and social needs, as well as economic activities that promote justice as well as responsiblity to the society and planet.

About Company

Think Customer: We ensure customer value is central to all the decisions we make
We serve our customers with integrity, care and consideration
We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations

Act with Integrity: We adhere to our religious, moral and ethical principles
We strive to do what is right at all times in accordance with laws and regulations
We treat each other with respect and honesty

Advance Beyond: We strive to constantly improve and innovate all parts of our business
We respond and adapt quickly to possibilities
We embrace curiosity, learning and new ideas

Take Charge: We are self-driven and will always step up to overcome any challenges
We work as one make things happen together
We act responsibly and with courage