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Avidity International was born out of…
Gusto, and…..
Imagine finding your Purpose in Life
Imagine enjoying your work to the Fullest
Imagine contributing to the growth of Mankind!
We are focused on understanding and grooming Talents who are Passionate about their Purpose in Life and the Positive Value of their Work, Expertise and Livelihood.

About Company

Welcome to Avidity International!

Avidity International is Leadership Learning & Development Consultancy that specialises in helping corporate organisation improve Personal Effectiveness and Leadership capabilities. Avidity International leverages strongly on the concept of Evolutionary Change rather than Transformational Change; Evolutionary Change comes from the angle that people can evolve and improve from a stand point where they are already in, they leverage on strengths and resources that are already available. We promote the growth to become a greater version of who we are; to assess, refine and emphasize our innate talent. Avidity International serves as the catalyst to expedite this Evolutionary Change. Avidity International represents two cohorts of international Community of Practice (CoP); practitioners who specialise in Emotional Intelligence and the Solution-Focused Approach. The Emotional Intelligence Approach provides a deeper roadmap for Leadership Development; it heals and grooms leaders from the inside-out, usually addresssing the most pertinent of leadership challenges at the core. We believe that Leadership should be defined and measured by the relationship between the leader and the people. The Solution-Focused Approach on the other hand, complements Leadership development by providing a more refined thinking and language pattern. In essence the Solution-Focused approach provides advance “solutioning” techniques that are more positive, collaborative and appreciative in nature.

Our specialty are:

  • Leadership & Solution-Focused Coaching Skills
  • Effective Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Coaching, Executie Shadow Coaching ™
  • Leadership Coaching & Business Coaching
  • Talent Assessment, Celebrating Talents™
  • The SolutionLense™ Approach The SunShine Organisation™

Avidity International cultivates the following brands:

  • avidVoices
  • avidCoaches
  • avidTeams
  • avidNews
  • avidityInsights
  • aviditySparks