Internship with Talentbank Group

Featured Urgent Remote Internship

Job Description

Established in 2010, Talentbank Group is an enabler in the employability ecosystem, focused on producing career-ready candidates and helping them achieve better careers by connecting them with industry leaders who welcome world-class talent. By working with us, you will be able to network with the leading organisations in Malaysia.

Become an intern with Talentbank, gain invaluable “real-life” work experience by helping multinational companies, small-medium enterprises, and startups hire better and faster; By the end of your internship, you will be offered a permanent role with Talentbank if you are in your final semester.


✅ Internship in Project Management
✅ Internship in Business Development (Sales)
✅ Internship in Accounting & Finance
✅ Internship in Data Analytics
✅ Internship in Admin & Human Resources
✅ Internship in Brand Marketing
✅ Internship in Graphic Design
✅ Internship in Digital Marketing (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and AdWords)
✅ Internship in Tech Support (WordPress, Server Resources and etc)

Key Responsibilities

✅ Support our customers from multinational companies, small-medium enterprises, and startups to help them hire better and faster (Click to view the list of our customers);
✅ Work closely with project leaders for project execution

We accept

✅ applicants from any field of studies
✅ applicants who are active in curricular activities
✅ applicants with a diploma & above

Our selection criteria

✅ Held a role in any clubs or societies (president, vice president, or committee roles)
✅ Additional advantage if you are involved in AIESEC, ENACTUS, HEYA, LEO CLUB, STACT CLUB, and similar organisations
✅ Actively volunteering in any companies or charity organizations
✅ Strong leadership skills
✅ Creative and able to think out of the box
✅ Possible and must-do mindset
✅ Think big, act small, and move fast

You will be experiencing

✅ business strategies
✅ brand management
✅ project management
✅ team management
✅ project profit & loss
✅ market penetration
✅ negotiation skills
✅ database management
✅ risk management
✅ stakeholders management
✅ time management
✅ tech implementation

You’ll be involved in one of these products

✅ Graduates’ Choice Award (
✅ Best Employer Brand Accreditation (
✅ National Graduate Employability Index (
✅ Talentbank Career Fair (
✅ School of Careers (
✅ Jobsbank (

Internship Allowance

✅ RM 1,500 for interns who are in the final semester
✅ RM 1,000 for interns who are not in the final semester